Cedar strips, epoxy, fiberglass... everything to build a canoe, canoe parts and repair kits to keep your favorite craft afloat, plus paddling gear and packs for you to get out there. Not a franchise-chain, gorilla-size box-store, just one genuine family owned canoe shop. Thanks for choosing NorthWest Canoe for your canoeing needs.

FREE FREIGHT in the Lower '48 on orders of $100 or more (excludes oversize items, i.e., canoe strips and full length gunwales, Alaska and Hawaii). A low everyday flat rate of $12.99 applies to web or phone orders up to $99. And now a $275 nationwide rate for oversize items, call (844) NWC-0192 for details.

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    Skid Plate Kit - Tandem / Universal Duluth Pack - Canoe and Camp Chair MAS Low Viscosity Resin
    Skid Plate Kit - Tandem / UniversalDuluth Pack - Canoe and Camp ChairMAS Low Viscosity Resin Sytem

    Skid plates ad impact and abrasion resistance to your canoe

     Ever yearn for a backrest while paddling?

    An easy-flowing reliable epoxy system with low drip and no blush