Winisk Canoe Plans

Winisk is your all around tripping canoe engineered for open water paddling. Canadian designer John winters has travel hundreds of miles on Lake Superior and Georgian Bay in his Winisk. Its asymmetrical shape and 525 pound displacement make Winisk the ideal extended tripper, although many paddlers are perfectly happy taking their Winisk out for a weekend jaunt.

  Overall Length   17 ft. 6 in.
  Waterline Length   14 ft. 10 in.
  Rocker - Bow / Stern   3¼ / 1 in.
  Maximum Beam   36 in.
  Beam - Waterline   32½ in
  Sheer Bow   21 in.
  Amidships Depth   14 in.
  Sheer Stern   19 in.
  Freeboard @ 525 lbs.   9 in.
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Price $89.95

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