ProBuild Marine Epoxy System

Strong durable epoxy system developed solely for building, repairing or restoring any type of marine vessel. Low viscosity allows for better wet-out resulting in lighter, stronger hulls without experiencing run out on vertical surfaces. The unique chemistry of the ProBuild systems reduces curing exotherm, minimizing blush. That spells trouble free building and repair projects for you.

Compatible with a wide range of reinforcements: S-Glass, E-Glass, Kevlar, Graphite. ProBuild Marine epoxy can also be mixed with a variety of fillers for fairing or bonding applications. It's what you want to build or repair your canoe or kayak. Two gallons will do to build your canoe.

ProBuild Marine Epoxy Technical Data

MSDS Resin MSDS Medium Hardener MSDS Slow Hardener MSDS Tropical Hardener

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