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The NorthWest Excurzen makes a great escape vehicle, tailored to carry big loads. Excurzen is a down-sized version of our super seaworthy 24-foot North Canoe. This tandem maintains the wider above the waterline feature of the North Canoe for outstanding secondary stability, then tucks radically just below the gunwale for more comfortable paddling stations. Excurzen boasts more bow than stern rocker which keeps her maneuverable without sacrificing tracking.

We build canoes. We don't just sell stuff on the internet. We invite you to consider NWC for your canoe building supplies - canoe strips, epoxies from MAS and AdTech Marine, fiberglass, gunwales, canoe seats... top quality materials, the same stuff we use every day at our shop. 

FREE FREIGHT - anywhere in the Lower '48 on orders of $100 or more. (excluding canoe strips, gunwales or other oversize items)

NorthWest Canoe distributes full size NorthWest Excurzen canoe plans electronically (via PDF download) to promote wood strip canoe building. How-to-Tips for working with the free canoe plans you request. 


  Northwest Excurzen
  Overall Length   16.5 / 17.5
  Rocker   3 / 2 in.
  Beam at Gunwales   33 in.
  Maximum Beam   36 in.
  Beam - 4 in. Waterline   31½ in.
  Sheer Bow   21 in.
  Amidships Depth   14 in.
  Sheer Stern   19½ in.
  Approx Weight   55 pounds

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