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Standard Canoe Seat Contour Canoe Seats Center Canoe Seats
Standard Canoe SeatContour Canoe SeatsCenter Canoe Seats

Cane and web, fits Mad River, Bell, Dagger...
Choose ash, walnut or cherry 

Curves make canoeing comfortable
Choose ash or cherry

Center, solo or simply a wider canoe seat for your bow paddler




Old Town Style - Canoe Seat LiveryTough Web Canoe Seat Center Duo Canoe Seat
Old Town Style - Canoe SeatLiveryTough Web Canoe SeatCenter Duo Canoe Seat

Sized to fit your Old Town, New England made

Sixty percent more real estate than standard canoe seats

A youth seat for growing families




Canoe Seat Hangers (pr) LiveryTough Ash Seat Hangers (pr)
Canoe Seat Hangers (pr)LiveryTough Ash Seat Hangers (pr)Seat Spacer (ea)

More solid than individual seat spacers

The seat hanger for installing LiveryTough canoe seats

Four-inch ash canoe seat drops, the simple way to hang your canoe seats




Bolt Assembly (ea)
Adjustable Seat Drop - ALBolt Assembly (ea)Contour Kneeling Thwart - w/drops and hardware

Adjust your canoe seat - lower for sitting, raise and angle it to kneel

Bolt assembly w/nylock nut and trim washer

Transforms any tandem canoe into a solo without the weight and space a third seat requires




Duffer Seat BackSaver for Bucket Canoe Seats BackSaver for Bench Canoe Seats
Duffer SeatBackSaver for Bucket Canoe SeatsBackSaver for Bench Canoe Seats

Because you don't want 'em sittin' in bilge water

Enjoy all-day comfort in tractor style canoe seats

BackSaver adds comfort to your canoe seat